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Neutral Baby Bouncers

Most baby bouncers on the market today are brightly colored and/or gender specific making the choices for a more neutral baby bouncer a bit limited.

However, there are a few manufactures who specifically design baby bouncers in neutral tones so not to overwhelm a room with blaring colors.

One of the top makers of such baby bouncers is Baby Bjorn.

Baby Bjorn Neutral Baby Bouncers

Baby Bjorn has been making quality baby products since 1961. Their Balance Soft and Baby Bliss bouncers come in neutral color schemes and won’t become an eyesore like so many other baby products do.

These bouncers don’t stimulate your baby with music, sounds or vibrations, although you can purchase activity bars as an add-on.

Baby Bjorn bouncers cost between $169 to $249, depending on the model. But if you consider that these bouncers can be used from birth to 2 years of age, you’ll get a lot of use out of your Baby Bjorn bouncer. These are not “use them then toss them” bouncers like so many of the less expensive bouncers are.

Wooden Frame Baby Bouncers

Another option you should consider is a wooden bouncer. A wooden bouncer frame can blend beautifully into almost any room and complement your stylish home perfectly.

Besides oozing nostalgia, a quality wooden baby bouncer can be passed down from generation-to-generation, making an initial higher purchase price an incredible value over time.

One such maker of such a bouncer is

Charlie Crane LEVO Rocker/Bouncer

Their LEVO rocker is beautifully crafted and will blend perfectly with your interior.

These rockers are designed for babies from birth to about 7 months. The natural rocking motion is created by your babies movements which helps build muscle and coordination.

The LEVO rocker prices range between $249 to $299. And while the price is higher than a traditional bouncer/rocker, it’s value is in the quality and longevity of these bouncers.

Whether you are looking for a neutral baby bouncer to be unisex or to compliment your decor, you do have some options when it comes to finding the perfect bouncer for your baby.

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