Infant-to-Toddler Baby Bouncers

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Infant-to-Toddler Baby Bouncers

Infant-to-Toddler baby bouncers are designed to go the distance with your baby as he/she grows making them a great option for a limited budget. 

Most babies outgrow their bouncers by the age of 6 months or when they can sit up by themselves whereas an infant-to-toddler bouncer can last as much as four times as long (based on weight).

These bouncers will usually adjust easily from the newborn to toddler settings and Baby Bjorn models have an easily removable cover to easy cleaning. 

As you should do with any baby bouncer, selecting an infant-to-toddler bouncer should be based on their safety standards and ratings. Read our Baby Bouncer Safety Guide to learn more.

We’ve choosen our two top brands that carry the JMPA Seal. Fisher-Price and Baby Bjorn.

infant-to-toddler baby bouncers

Fisher-Price Infant-to-Todder Baby Bouncers

Fisher-Price has been a household name for almost 90 years. They are a member of the Juvenile Products Manufactures Association and have every bouncer stringently tested for safety.

This makes them one of our favorite manufactures of baby products and we are happy to recommend their bouncers.

Here are some of their top infant-to-toddler baby bouncers on Amazon

Baby Bjorn Infant-to-Todder Baby Bouncers

Like Fisher-Price, Baby Bjorn has long been a trusted manufacturer of quality baby products, and their baby bouncers are no exception.

Their infant-to-toddler bouncers are a prime example of their ongoing quality and commitment to baby care, and may be the ideal choice for your baby.

The Fisher-Price Newborn-to-Toddler models typically accommodate children from newborn to 40 (18.2kg) pounds, while the Baby Bjorn Bouncers are designed for use from 8 (3.6kg) to 29 (13.2kg) pounds.

Baby Bjorn bouncers are super portable which make them a really good option if you’re looking for a bouncer that will last and be easy to take with you when you travel. 

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