Can Baby Sleep In Their Bouncer? Is It Safe?

can baby sleep in bouncer

Can You Let Your Baby Sleep in Their Bouncer?

Baby bouncers are designed to either amuse or relax your baby and for parents they can be a godsend when you need a break. But can you let your baby fall asleep in their bouncer?

The answer is NO.

It is never safe to let your baby sleep in their baby bouncer.

While it is so tempting to let your baby fall asleep in their bouncer, this can be very dangerous; even deadly. 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, approximately 3,500 infants die annually in the US from sleep-related deaths. The causes of these deaths vary from SIDS to accidental suffocation.  And while the cause of SIDS is yet to be determined, accidental suffocation deaths can be reduced or entirely avoided by being ever vigilant.

Baby’s Small Airway + Large Head + Undeveloped Neck Muscles Can Equal Disaster

Babies have smaller airways

Your baby’s airway is smaller than of an older child making it easier to become obstructed or compromised.

Babies have larger heads and weaker neck muscles

A baby’s head is approximately 5 times larger (ratio-wise) than an adult. Up to a year old, your baby’s head is comprised of around 25% of their body, as opposed to an average adult whose head is approximately 6% of their body.

This is why we are taught to support a baby’s head when we are holding them, because they cannot support their heads themselves.

Their tiny neck muscles are completely inadequate and offer little support should a baby’s head fall forward onto their chest while sleeping.

This can easily close your babies airway, which could lead to suffocation.

baby bouncer safety guide

So if you think that it’s okay to let your baby sleep for just a few minutes in their bouncer, keep in mind it could only take a minute for your baby’s airway to become compromised. Even if you’re exhausted with caring for your new baby and need a break, is it really worth the risk?


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