Baby Bouncers 101

Baby Laying In Green Baby Bouncer

As soon as you find out you’re expecting a baby, you usually begin to go over the list in your head for the must have items. On top of the essentials such as the pram, cot, high chair, bottles, and baby monitor, the baby bouncer is a definite must have.

These invaluable devices can not only keep your baby safe and happy for hours each day, but they come with so many amazing benefits for moms and dads too.

A quality baby bouncer should be a place where your baby can relax, play, and even eat, provided the right safety measures in place. These bouncers have been ergonomically designed to give the best support and provide a secure place for your baby to hang out while you get on with other chores or sit with them for play time.

Baby Laying In Multi-Level Baby Bouncer

However, as you’d likely already know when searching for baby care products, there are countless different brands and models to choose from all claiming to be the best for your little one. For this reason, you need to carefully consider all of the features to ensure it suits your family’s requirements and will do the job of making parenthood easier for you.

Every item you purchase for your little one should meet the requirements you have as a family, so it’s important to be educated before you begin your search. There are safety features to consider, additional bells and whistles, and comfort and ergonomics as well.

All of these need to be weighed up to ensure you’ve chosen the very best baby bouncer for your future little one so that you can all benefit from it.

​The Difference Between Popular Baby Accessories

When you’re having a baby, you might feel a little overwhelmed while looking through the possible products and finding the essential items that will make caring for your little one easier. If you’ve already started searching for a baby bouncer, you’ve probably found that there are a few products that seem quite similar.

The baby bouncer, baby swing, and baby jumper are all quite unique and offer different benefits to parents and babies, but they’re all touted as being essential items. Here are how each of them differs and what sets them apart from the other models.

Baby Bouncer

As the most popular of the seated baby accessories, a baby bouncer can be quite versatile in what it does. Generally, though, a bouncer is where a baby can be in a position of half laying and half seated with the option to change angles.

Baby In Girl Baby Bouncer

The device either bounces with help of the parent, baby, or an automatic function, and often features toys, vibrations, and melodies as well. These can be used to play with the baby, feed them in a safe position, and relax or soothe them in preparation for sleep.

Baby Swing

A baby swing is similar to a bouncer however it uses constant motion in order to calm baby. There are some bouncers which convert to swings which give parents more options, however, a swing alone usually has to solo function of swinging back and forth or side to side.

Baby Jumper

These are quite different as they allow the baby to place their legs through two holes with their feet touching the ground. The baby jumps in the harness and practices using their legs with the support of the jumper. Although there is still some question about the developmental delays these jumpers can bring, they are generally safe to use in smaller windows of time.

Every family is unique and their reasons for wanting a swing, bouncer, or jumper can all differ. Usually speaking, though, these accessories are ideal for freeing up mom and dad’s hands and time and giving the baby a safe and entertaining place to relax or play.

Why Is A Baby Bouncer Essential

When you’re ticking off the must have items on your baby list, you probably already have a bouncer in mind. Most parents will testify as to how much of a lifesaver these products are, as they give you a play to safely and securely hold the baby and keep them entertained while you’re able to have hands free for other chores or feeding and playing with your little one.

Baby Watching Videos In Baby Bouncer

There are countless benefits that come with owning a baby bouncer, for both parents and baby, which is what makes them just as popular as prams and cots for must have baby items. Here are a few ways your family can benefit from a baby bouncer, and why it pays to invest in a quality product.

Promotes Independent Play

From a very young age, using a baby bouncer with toys or activities is a great way to start getting them interested in independent play. As they grow older, it will be essential for your child to know how to play alone and entertain themselves and these bouncers are an ideal starting point for this type of activity.

Frees Up Parents’ Time

When your child is safely strapped into their bouncer you will have spare time and free hands so that you can have a relaxing shower, cook dinner, or give attention to your other children.

Offers Safety And Security

Having your baby strapped into their bouncer will give you peace of mind that their safe and secure so that you can get on with other things. There aren’t too many baby accessories that you can feel comfortable leaving baby in there on their own, so this is a great way to keep them protected at all times.

Mom Smiling With Baby In Bouncer

Helps Soothe Baby

If you have a fussy or upset baby, you can usually calm them instantly by placing them in their bouncer. The movements, rocking, sounds, and vibrations all work together to calm your baby down and recreate feelings they might have experienced in the womb.

Multiple Functions

Most baby bouncers are a great investment because they offer more than just one thing. The right bouncer can be somewhere to feed your child, play with your child, and allow your child to get some rest, so with just one product you can cover multiple bases.

All of these benefits and more can be achieved with the right baby bouncer in your home, however just as you would with any baby related product, you should ensure that you’re using them safely and with the recommendations in mind to ensure the best outcomes for you and baby.

Baby Bouncer Safety

When you purchase any baby related product you’ll notice just much emphasis there is on the safe use and procedures surrounding it, due to the fact that our babies are still so young and precious.

Baby bouncers, in particular, have many considerations to take to ensure they’re being used correctly, with everything from recommended baby bouncer ages to heights and weights to consider, as well as how to use them correctly and for how long. 

Toys On Baby Bouncer

The American Association of Pediatricians recommends that very small babies and newborns only spend a maximum of 30 minutes a time in their bouncer, so ensure you are giving them breaks.

When they spend too long on these devices, they are prone to developing flattened head syndrome which can be tough to correct. However, as they get older then you’re able to leave them there a little longer provided they are still enjoying other activities outside of their bouncer.

Before using a bouncer for your baby or purchasing one, you should consider the following safety recommendations. By being fully aware of the correct usage of a baby bouncer and how your baby can enjoy them safely, you’re ensuring no harm will be done either physically or developmentally.

Seating Positions

According to the American Association of Paediatrics, babies under four months old should be seated in the most reclined position available on your bouncer. Once your baby is able to sit independently, ensure that the bouncer you’re using can cater to this position and allows them to support themselves without laying back on the bouncer constantly.

Non-Slip Feet

An essential safety feature should be non-slip feet at the base of the bouncer, usually in the form of rubber gripping. This ensures that the bouncer won’t move around as baby kicks and plays so that the parents can feel safe that it won’t move into harm’s way.

Baby Feet In Baby Bouncer

Safety Harness

All baby bouncers should have a safety harness that keeps baby strapped in, but some are more secure than others. As a bare minimum, there should be a secure strap that ensures baby can’t get free of the bouncer and for the best support look for something with a five point harness just as you’d find in a car seat.


The neck and back support of a baby bouncer are crucial as this time in your child’s life is very important in terms of development. For infants and newborns, you need to have a special insert that’s designed for their unique bodies which can be removed when your child gets older and meets the weight and height requirements.

All manufacturers will have different guidelines for their products so you should always refer to the manual.


Although the movement and rocking of a baby bouncer is often enough to send your baby to sleep, you should never leave them to sleep in their device. Once you can see they have dozed off, move the baby to a safer place with a firm base such as their cot and always leave them to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS and other complications.


When setting up the baby bouncer, always ensure that you have it in a safe place where there are no hazards or risks present. The bouncer should always be visible by at least one carer and you should never leave the baby alone in them while you’re in another room.

Baby Laying In Green Baby Bouncer

Although they are great for keeping baby safe, you still need to have all eyes on them when your baby is strapped in.

With some precaution and care taken around the use of your baby bouncer, you can ensure that these products will assist you and your baby to have a more enjoyable time at home. However, you’ll also need to consider the different types of bouncers and what each of them offers to decide which is right for your little one. Click here to learn more about baby bouncer safety.

The Different Types Of Baby Bouncer

Within the range of baby bouncers, there are a few different types that you’ll find from the main manufacturers. Depending on the parents and baby, and what would work with their home, you might find yourself more drawn to a particular style.

Each of these has their pros and cons, though, so you’ll have to weigh up which one best suits your needs and those of your babies too.

Basic Baby Bouncer

These are the simplest style of baby bouncer, and they’re ideal for parents who don’t want anything too flashy or noisy for their child. A basic baby bouncer usually consists of fabric around a frame, and may or may not have rocking and vibrating functions included.

Red Basic Baby Bouncer

Activity Baby Bouncer

These come with activities and toys included in order to keep your baby entertained. The activities are developmentally appropriate for babies and usually include soft toys, flashing lights, and playing melodies that allow your baby to touch, see, and hear a range of different things while in their bouncer.

Combination Baby Bouncer

A convertible baby bouncer usually has more than one function, such as a swing which can turn into a bouncer. These are ideal for families who are low on space or don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars buying all of these different products when you can get just one that does the job of them all.

Infant-to-Toddler Baby Bouncer

Infant-to-toddler baby bouncers are designed to be used from birth to approximately 2 years of age. These bouncers are a great option if you are on a budget.

Portable Baby Bouncer

These are ideal for families on the go or those who like to travel around outdoors to parks and other people’s homes. A portable baby bouncer can fold up compactly so you can take it wherever you go, and they’re usually lightweight as well.

​Baby Bouncer Features To Consider

Once you know what type of baby bouncer is right for your family, you’ll then need to look at the features. Here are just a few things to consider to find whether a potential baby bouncer has your tick of approval.

Empty Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer


The seat is a huge feature on a baby bouncer as this will determine not only the comfort factor but also how ergonomically sound it is. Most baby bouncers will have a large body pillow design that allows your baby to be completely cocooned, and sometimes these adjust as the baby gets older.

Always look for one that reclines as when your child grows they’ll need to spend more time in an upright position. As an added bonus, some baby bouncers feature newborn inserts that work specifically with your baby’s delicate frame.


With a few different types of frame available for baby bouncer, this is a feature that often divides parents. Many have a thicker metal construction that allows baby to jump freely where others use fabric or fiberglass. Whichever you choose, ensure that it’s sturdy enough to meet your baby’s height and weight requirements.

Safety Features

There are many different safety features present on a baby bouncer, and each of them is as important as the last. The most essential are secure straps which hold your baby into place either with a seat belt or harness style approach.

Baby In Baby Bouncer

All baby bouncers will have weight limits which should be stringently followed, but there are also extras such as sunshades and non-slip feet that are important features to consider too.

Entertainment Features

The best way to keep your baby entertained in their bouncer is to offer them one with a few entertainment features. However, some parents might find these a distraction or too stimulating so they prefer to opt for something more simplistic.

Some popular entertainment features on baby bouncers are toy bars that place the toys right in baby’s reach, music and sounds, flashing lights, and seats that vibrate or rock with an automatic function. These types of baby bouncers require battery power or electricity, so keep this in mind when you’re shopping around.

​Popular Manufacturers Of Baby Bouncers

Whether you’ve started looking for baby products already or have no idea where to get started, it’s likely you’ve already heard of the more popular brand names. Here are some of the best rated baby bouncer makers and what each of these brands usually offers in their products.

Small Baby In Baby Bjorn Balance Soft Bouncer


Known for creating the revolutionary baby carrying system, Babybjorn now offers a whole range of products for babies and children. The Babybjorn baby bouncers are usually simplistic in design with a huge focus on comfort and ergonomics for your baby. While they do tend to cost a little more, you’ll instantly notice the quality and comfort level is worth the extra money.


One of the most loved makers of children’s toys and accessories, it’s no wonder that Fisher Price also creates amazing items for babies too. Fisher Price baby bouncers tend to focus on entertaining your baby with a range of developmentally appropriate songs, movements, and activities for them to engage in.

Baby Einstein

With a huge focus on offering the best developmental approach to their toys and accessories, all Baby Einstein products seem to follow this approach. A Baby Einstein baby bouncer will usually consist of activities that help your child to engage and grow in a safe way, but also provide comfort for even the littlest of babies too.

Tiny Love

All products made by Tiny Love are focused on development, and their range is sorted into different age groups to ensure that the needs of each baby are met. The Tiny Love baby bouncers are bright and colorful, while also ensuring the very best thought has gone into meeting the developmental and supportive needs of babies.

Tiny Love Rocker Baby Bouncer


This premium brand is well known for creating top of the line baby accessories, and the Graco baby bouncers are no exception. Most of their bouncers offer more than just one function, however, they all look sleek and elegant which helps them stand apart from the flashy design that you find with most baby toys and accessories.


Sassy pride themselves on having fun and they offer this fun up in all of their baby products. You’ll usually find that Sassy baby bouncers are bright and colorful with plenty of things for your little one to engage with, but they also take comfort and support serious as well.

As one of the more affordable choices for baby care products, this is a very popular brand among parents in this country.

​Final Thoughts

When it comes to choosing the right products for your baby, you always think of them in terms of what they can offer the whole family. While it’s essential to choose something comfortable, safe, and entertaining for your baby, you also need to think about what it offers you and how much easier it can make your life.

Baby Holding Rabbit In Baby Bouncer

With the right baby bouncer, you can provide your little one with countless hours of comfort and entertainment, and they will usually last them for at least the first year of their life. As a base for playing, eating, rest, and entertainment, it’s amazing just how much use you can get out of the one product so it pays to choose wisely.

Before purchasing a new baby bouncer, you should consider all of the features to decide which one would be the best fit for your home and your baby.

By doing a little bit of research now you can ensure you have the very best baby bouncer that can provide your newborn with months of use and allow you to free up your hands and time to get on with other things that might need doing.